Joshua M. Boniface | 289-208-2830 | 1483 Epping Court, Burlington, ON L7M1P7


I am a driven, service-oriented individual with a strong knowledge of Linux administration and computer networking. I enjoy working with a strong team, and am independent and goal focused, always seeking out new knowledge to broaden my skill set and contribute to more efficient and well-operating systems. My deep knowledge of Linux systems and standard administration allows me to focus effectively on key problems and ensure continued successful operations. I am well-versed in scripting and orchestration in a modern DevOps framework and have experience running small- to mid-sized computing environments of up to several thousand VMs and terabytes of storage.

Primary Skills

  • Linux systems, in particular Debian GNU/Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS environments, storage subsystems including Ceph object storage, DRBD, and ZFS/XFS/ext4 filesystems, and IP networking and routing.
  • Linux applications including Apache and Nginx web stacks, Postfix/Dovecot/Courier email stacks, HAProxy, BIND9, PowerDNS, ISC-DHCP, OpenLDAP, RADIUS, and KVM/QEMU and Xen virtualization with Libvirt and Pacemaker.
  • Administration of MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases.
  • Scripting in BASH and Python, including significant understanding of programming fundamentals.
  • Orchestration and configuration management using Ansible, Puppet, and bcfg2, including custom roles and modules, and monitoring of large environments with Nagios, Icinga, Check_MK, and Sensu.
  • Internetwork routing and advanced networking, including network design and capacity planning, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Customer service and writing, including technical and customer-focused writing and communication.

Educational History

Mohawk College (Hamilton, ON) - Network Engineering and Security Analyst

  • Sep 2008 - Dec 2012

Carleton University (Ottawa, ON) - Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Sep 2007 - May 2008

Employment History

VM Farms (Toronto, ON) - Linux DevOps Administrator, Operations Technical Lead

  • Aug 2016 – Present

In the role of Linux System Administrator I provided management of systems for web application developers within the framework of a DevOps operations service providing consulting advice and managed hosting. Using both an in-house Xen based cloud as well as various remote computing services including AWS, I helped ensure the continued operation of the platform as well as the day-to-day administration of customer systems. Utilizing configuration management with Puppet and Ansible, I provisioned and managed applications serving millions of users and using multiple web development stacks, HTTP servers, and database backends, in addition to various proxying, queueing and caching applications. During late 2017 and 2018 in the role of Technical Lead for Operations, I assisted in the training of new employees and daily technical decisions with a mind for best-practices, and interacted regularly and in-depth with customers using various communication tools.

Clearcable Network Services (Hamilton, ON) - Linux System Administrator

  • Jan 2013 – Jul 2016

In the role of System Administrator I used my skills with internetworking and Linux servers to ensure the proper operation of the Clearcable Networks Standard Operating Environment, a Debian GNU/Linux-based Internet Service Provider platform running on Cisco UCS hardware, and using Xen virtualization and bcfg2 configuration management. This included management of provider-grade services including DNS with BIND9; ISC DHCP in advanced configurations; Postfix/Courier email stacks; monitoring with Icinga and Munin; server hardware maintenance and support including full system rebuilds, hardware performance analysis and troubleshooting. I contributed advancements to the platform, assisting in its continued development and growth, including a major distribution upgrade project and implementation of live migration functionality to the platform using DRBD. During oncall rotation and daily support tasks, I also assisted in the deployment and maintenance of service provider networking, including routing and CMTS/ DOCSIS and VoIP access technologies to ensure the optimal operation of our client systems.

HHS Population Health Research Institute (Hamilton, ON) - Systems Administrator

  • Sep 2010 – Aug 2011

In the role of Student (Co-Op) Administrator, I was responsible for day-to-day support of desktop systems and users, including deployment of new systems, hardware replacement/reimaging, and management of accounts with Active Directory. A long-term project during me tenure was an extensive documentation of the site datacenter including diagramming and inventory of the facility.

The Home Depot (Burlington, ON) - Special Services, Tool Rental, Electrical, Cashier

  • Oct 2006 – Jan 2013

Personal Interests 

Fantasy and Science Fiction literature, repairing and building computers, performing and composing music, astronomy and astrophysics, science and technology papers and books